Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A Rock

So time to post something in my secret blog. We picked up a rock. Muh how boring.

No seriously jokes lol. So I wonder like where my qualities come from because i look around and at my family and it confuses me because I find it difficult to relate my traits in anyone else. I feel very confuzzled about that aye. Mnuh ugh

Friday, 20 July 2007

Harry is a Horcrux


Therory time. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix is where I first rememebr noticing the clue - The prophecy states that only harry or voldemort may live. The worlds not big enougth for the two of us sort of thing.

Clues in other books,
Philosophers Stone - Voldermort Kills Harrys Parents but not Harry.
The Half Blood Prince - Dumbledore explains to Harry that for Voldermort to split part of himself into a Horcrux he must kill.

Theres many other references and I'm sure if you think about it you will see them thru out all the series, you know the whole - "I'm so much like Voldermort" teenage whining thing Harry has going on.....


Thursday, 19 July 2007

Wandering Minds

After looking thru a collection of Old records I noticed a short inscription at the top of one, a message from an old lover. I turned round and asked the question that had sitting on my mind for some time now, do you still think about the people you've loved and lost? almost every week. I find my mind wandering sometimes especially at night going back to lost lovers and wondering what went wrong, what changed but mainly - how are you? its a strange sensation to be lying there and thinking about someone who caused such pain and wishing them well.

Sometimes I wake early in the morning - like now and wonder,

Sorry bare with me it's difficult to explain. Simply put I sometimes dream about those I have lost, old relationships and wish to reach out to them and tell them I still love them, I have thought about them so much since we split and there has never been a moment when I haven't loved them.
Not very eloquent I know. Maybe I won't understand I may need to explorer this idea further as since waiting for my laptop to boot the moments after waking when my thoughts were clear are now gone and theres nothing left for it.

Old Blog - New Blog

So I finally decided it was time to move over to a new blog location - My third already. Mainly this was for ease of blogging and adding posts but there were other reasons too. My posts became more thought out and hopefully this site will get more attention on the Interweb and a few comments :)
So my most recent old blog is located at http://rchalkley.bikes-bytes.co.uk/alex/blog/index.php
this could be found by going thru www.towler.tk and the older one could be found somewhere on MSN Spaces for some reason - well thats about it.